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Business Credit Cards



Credit Card - BusinessB

Visa® Business Credit Card

The card that works as hard as you do

Whether you are traveling, entertaining, or buying office supplies, closely monitor expenses and control cash flow.

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Payment Options

Your LegacyTexas Visa® card has a manageable minimum payment or you can pay in full each month with one of our convenient options.

Pay by phone at +1-281-607-1005

Pay your bill by mail: Dept. #351 | P.O. Box 21228 | Tulsa, OK 74121-1228

or you can pay your bill by check


Dept. #351 | P.O. Box 21228 | Tulsa, OK 74121-1228

How it works

Authorization Options

  • Block access to specific merchant categories
  • Individual employee cards
  • Expiration date verification

Billing Account Options

  • Companies pay all charges incurred by all of the cardholders with the company with one payment when choosing central billing
  • Companies pay all charges on each cardholder account individually

To request a copy of your cardholder agreement, please call +1-281-607-1005 or email your name, mailing address, and contact number to For your protection, please do not send personal account information.

Benefits for your business

  • Keep track of company spending
  • Monitor spending by individual employee
  • Enjoy advanced card security technology

Security and Customer Service

Enhanced Security & Fraud Protection
If you have been contacted by our Fraud Security team, please call 1-855-340-8771 to verify possible fraudulent transactions.

24/7 Customer Service: +1-281-607-1005
Disputed Item 24/7: +1-281-607-1005
Report Lost/Stolen Card 24/7: +1-281-607-1005
LegacyTexas Customer Service: +1-281-607-1005

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